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Private Sector

About the Chamber

scocThe Samoa Chamber of Commerce and Industry Incorporated (the Chamber) is Samoa’s National Private Sector Organization (NPSO).  It is an incorporated association of businesses and private sector organizations representing all areas of Samoa’s private sector. The Chamber’s purpose, outlined in its Constitution is "to act as Samoa’s National Private Sector Organization that will promote the interests, well-being and growth of Samoa’s private sector at the national, regional and international levels to improve the economic and social well-being of the people of Samoa.”

 The Chamber was originally formed in the early 1900s by the merchants of Apia. The organization was revised and took its present form in the 1970s. By December 2015, the Chamber has grown to over 317 members representing a cross sector of Samoa’s business community.

The Chamber’s role as Samoa’s NPSO works in partnership with two Private Sector Organizations (PSOs), which are also members of the Chamber, namely: Women in Business Development Inc. (WIBDI) and Samoa For Real, a community of business-owners involved in the visitor economy in Samoa, are a voluntary cooperative responsible for improving the vitality of our businesses through information sharing, co-learning, collective marketing, and more. WIBDI works with more than 1000 families in 183 villages throughout Samoa supporting income-generating activities.

SICTP Contribution

The Samoa In Country Training Program enables the private sector to provide a capacity building programme for businesses in Samoa. The high calibre of presenters and course material provides an avenue for smaller businesses who cannot afford to invest in employee education, to upskill their workers, and hence, the workforce of Samoa’s private sector.


 In its new Strategic Plan 2016-2020, the Chamber’s vision is to lead the empowerment of business potential growth as a key partner to Samoa’s private sector development.


Our mission as the NPSO for Samoa is to advocate, facilitate and foster sustainable the development of the private sector through effective leadership and meaningful dialogue.

To achieve this, the Chamber’s main strategic priorities are:

  1. Membership engagement
  2. Improved Partnerships and Dialogue Framework
  3. Leadership and Finance
  4. Enabling Business Environment

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