Public Sector

Public Sector



The Public Service Commission is responsible for providing policy advice to government on Human Resources Management in the public sector and technical advice and assistance to ministries and line agencies.

Functions of the Public Service Commission

  • Planning for the human resource needs of the public service
  • Developing and promoting policies for the efficient and effective management of the people employed under the PS Act
  • Monitoring and evaluating the human resource management practices of Ministries; and
  • Providing advice and assistance on human resource management matters in the public service to Ministries on request.


SICTP Contribution:

The Public Service Commission contributes to providing capability building opportunities to the Public Sector (i.e Public Service and Government Corporations) to assist in bridging capability gaps that hinders the provision of services to the Government and the citizens

From a human resource perspective the PSC’s role is to ensure that the Public Sector receives the appropriate training programmes that support the identified capability development needs.

The Public Service Commission as the Sector Coordinating Agency for the Public Sector including state corporations requests ensures that its contribution to the SICTP supports also the Programme by defining the fine line of being a recipient (on behalf of the Ministries/Corporations) and a Member of the PCC in support of the interest of the Programme.


To sustain leadership in the pursuit of excellence, innovative and relevant best practices in human resource management in the Pacific Island Region


 To promote efficient and effective government service delivery by continuous improvement in leadership and management practices across the Samoa Public Service


  • Facilitate and enhance capability of Ministries to manage their human resources effectively and efficiently
  • Ensure that the Public Service Commission has the capability to perform its mandated role as strategic adviser to Government Ministries and Offices

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