Submit a Tender

Submit a Tender

To tender for this work you must complete and submit five required (5) documents.

Uploading your Tender documents via this page protects them in case of equipment failure and provide evidence of the time and date they were sent.  The SICTP system will generate and send an email to you as a confirmation that we've received your Tender package.

Uploading means going to the form on the right side -->, clicking in the relevant boxes, find and upload all your appropriate documents.

Upload your files

Please enter your full name, a valid email address and the Tender Code. Remember, the five (5) documents below are all compulsory:


Curriculum Vitae


Criteria Document (360 downloads) Training Proposal (351 downloads) Completed Budget (390 downloads) Trainer Contact Details (342 downloads)


All documents are due by 5 pm Samoa time on the date specified.


Tender Upload Form

1 Personal Information
2 Upload Documents

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