SUNGO holds its “Counselling Skills for Social Services” Training

SUNGO under the auspice of the SICTP held its “Counselling Skills for Social Services” training at the Oloamanu Training Facility of The National University of Samoa
SUNGO requested for basic counselling course under the SICTP programme 4 years ago to address issues relating to marriage, post tsunami depression, suicide and mental illness.
This year 2 new organisations are registering to SUNGO and together with Faith Based Organizations were very interested in building capacity of their members in “counselling skills”. These organisations have seen an alarming increase in the number of youths, women, men, workers and other villagers who face difficulties but they do not have the ability to solve problems.
Specific NGOs have requested for counselling training relating to their core business. Having all the basic skills taught at different theme areas, SUNGO proposed that advanced level training was needed.
The purpose of this training course was for participants to-:
1. Understand the skills and attributes required to conduct counselling
2. Practice and improve their listening skills
3. Demonstrate an understanding of the principles of negotiation
4. Describe the key aspects of successful mediation
5. Understand the role of counselling in crisis mediation
6. List sources of help and advice in a range of counselling situations.
Topics that were covered in the training included
• The definition of counselling
• The Common causes of depression in Samoa
• The Common causes of marital issues in Samoa
• How to manage depression in a culturally sensitive manner (Culturally sensitive counselling techniques (importance of Confidentiality, Active Listening, not giving advice/suggestions and knowledge of referral options in Samoa
By the end of the programme, participants were competent in the following areas
• Defining practical counselling techniques and related factors related to advance counselling skills.
• Identify what causes depression
• List all counselling skills/techniques associated with depression, domestic violence and anger management etc
• Apply these skills on one to one counselling and effectively use them
• Use culturally appropriate measures (Faa-Samoa) when facing victims of depression etc
• Write a constructive plan using the list of recommended techniques when approached by a victim of abuses and depression
There were 16 participants form various NGO’s and CBO’s from around Samoa who participated in the training. This training will extensively benefit counsellors and volunteers working in the NGOs and CBOs sectors to support its services and at large benefits members of the community.
The trainers for the week long course was Siaosi Salesulu

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