SUNGO Sector

SUNGO Sector



The Samoa Umbrella for Non Governmental Organisation was established in 1997 to provide alternative development options for assistance to the community groups in Samoa. It served to provide input into Government policy and planning processes from Non–Governmental Organisations (NGOs) Community Based Organisations (CBOs) and Civil Society Organisations (CSOs) on issues impacting on the quality of life of the people of Samoa. Today, it continues to be part of a regional wide network of NGOs to assist in implementing regional and global assistance and projects on issues of concerns to its member organizations and National development.

SUNGO has more then 110 member organisations of which at least 50% are community based. Linking with rural based organisations needs to be better improved through the use of either modern technology or improvised funding support.                        

The SUNGO secretariat is Core Funded by NZAID and provides support to 3 projects. It has 8 full time staff headed by a CEO.


SUNGO four key areas

  • Good Governance and Management

This KRA focuses on the internal strengthening of the organisation, in terms of decision making, policy development and resource management

  • Institutional Strengthening

Aims at the development of membership capacity to better provide for the needed services to community and society.

  • Promotion Communications and Membership

How and what should SUNGO provide to strengthen its network. Who should it relate to in terms of enhancing its role and Vision

  • Advocacy

How can we promote the role of civil society in National, Regional and Global decision making process.

 SICTP Contribution

The SICTP is one of the providers for SUNGO's capacity building programme. In the past this funded for at least 90% of SUNGO's training programme which contributed immensely to enhancing the level of SUNGO members. Today SUNGO has its own pool of trainers who provide trainings to rural community organisation and have provided support to new developments in society. SUNGO is contracted by Government and funded by EU to deliver Capacity building for Independent water Scheme.

The SICTP programme for the NGO sector has modified its support to provide training of trainers and pilot trainings for rural based communities to be delivered in Samoan. SUNGO is indebted to the SICTP for the current success and development of the programme which has raised the level of support provided by SUNGO to its members and community.   


SUNGO working in partnership with Government to promote and facilitate unified sustainable development and quality of life for the people of Samoa


Role of organization

  • The Key roles of SUNGO in achieving its Mission and Vision have mainly emphasized, the capacity building of NGOs CBOs and CSOs in Samoa through training, workshops, mentoring and technical support
  • Represent and act in the interests of its members on a regional, national and gobal level in issues of development
  • Facilitate communication amongst civil society, members and policy development bodies. SUNGO identifieswith all sectors of development as highlighted in the SDS. However, the bulk of the services delivered by are in the area of community development.

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